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        Glorysky Milestone

        2010: Glorysky founded

        2011: Glorysky Bulk PCB Factory Phase I Technology was officially put into operation. In the same year, it passed TS16949 and CQC system certification.

        2012: Glorysky sales exceeded 200 million yuan

        2013: Glorysky builds a fully automated aluminum substrate production workshop

        2014: The foundation of the second phase of the special plant was started, and the project of Hubei Yangxin Industrial Park was signed and Hubei Techuang Technology Electronics Co., Ltd. was established.

        2015: October second phase aluminum substrate factory officially put into mass production

        2016: Won the “High-tech Enterprise” in Guangdong Province and won the “Engineering Technology Research and Development Center” of Huizhou City

        November 2017: Huai'an Tetron Technology was established. In the same year, it was awarded the “City-level Enterprise Technology Center”.

        May 2018: Awarded to the Guangdong Technology Center

        July 2018: Tetron Technology passed ISO13485 system certification

        2019:Passed the national intellectual property advantage enterprise certification

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